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Small Bowel MRI 14 Jul 2014

NO CPD POINT. This video focusses on MRI and other imaging modalities to look at activity in Crohn’s  disease.

The objectives for the session are:
  1. to learn which imaging modalities and imaging features may be used to assess the biological activity of inflammatory disease
  2. to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various available imaging modalities for assessment of disease activity
  3. to understand why assessment of treatment response is clinically important and to learn which imaging modality is best able to achieve this.

Duration:35 mins

Small Bowel MRI from British Institute of Radiology on Vimeo.

Speaker info

Stuart Taylor

Stuart Taylor is Professor of medical Imaging at University College London. He chaired the European Congress of Radiology GI committee in 2012 and was the 2009 RCR Roentgen Professor. He delivered the 2012 BIR Sir Godfrey Hounsfield lecture on the development of CT colonography. His research interests include the use of MRI in cancer staging, and the imaging of Crohn’s disease and he holds significant grant income in both these areas. He is a trustee of the British Institute of Radiology and deputy editor of the BJR. He chairs the pelvic section of the current ESGAR/ECCO committee developing imaging guidelines in inflammatory bowel disease