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Overview and safety of MR contrast agents 08 Dec 2014

MR contrast agents have generally be classified as either T1 or T2 agents. Recently the UK market place has seen the demise of supraparamagenetic iron oxide (SPIO) agents and blood pool agents as available agents. In terms of T1 agents, a variety of different chellated forms of gadolinium agents are available, some with distinctive properties and applications. The current UK products can be sub-divided into standard extracellular space agents (ECS) and hepatocyte specific agents. The properties of MR contrast agents will be discussed in addition to considering current knowledge on their safe clinical use, including nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF).

The objectives of the video include:
  • an understanding the basic physics underlying the different types of contrast agents and their influence of MR signals;
  • an increased familiarity with the range of agents licensed for clinical use in the UK;
  • an awareness of the different categories of contrast agents and their clinical applications;
  • a view on the relative safety profile of MR contrast agents and the current guidelines for their use, particularly in relation to NSF.
1 CPD credit

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Duration:1 hour

Speaker info

Professor Andrew P Jones

Professor Andrew Jones is a consultant clinical scientist within Christie Medical Physics and Engineering at The Christie, Manchester and is Group Leader for non-ionising imaging. His primary scientific role is in relation to scientific support to MRI and ultrasound across the North West region. He has been a member of the BIR since 1983 and has served three times as trustee on Council. He was the BIR president from 2012 to 2014. Amongst other roles Andrew has been secretary to the Diagnostics Methods Committee (now Clinical Imaging Committee), chair of the MR Committee and chair of the MR Safety Working Party. He has previously been chair of the IPEM Daignostic Radiology Topic Group, member of the Dosimetry Working Party and the joint CoR/NRPB QA Working Party, and is a member of the IPEM Fellowship Board. He served as a member and senior physicist of the RCR FRCR Examination Board Physics Group and on the RCR Radiology Accreditation Scheme Oversight Board.