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Imaging placental disorders with MRI 20 Apr 2015

This video covers the role of MRI as an additional imaging technique following an ultrasound for looking at the placenta. There are numerous different pathologies of the placenta and whilst this video looks at a number of these it concentrates on placental adhesive disorder (placental invasion/ placenta creta). The incidence of this pathology is increasing exponentially and its detection and management is complex. Radiologists are now often asked to perform imaging procedures for both the diagnosis and surgical planning of the condition and most are new to the role. Consideration is given to the typical appearances and then to the atypical appearances, how these should be management and current outcome data on such cases. The video covers:
  • Basic background.
  • Features on Ultrasound
  • Typical features on MR
  • The added value of the MR for diagnosis
  • The value of MR for surgical planning
  • Atypical features and what they mean.
The video is useful for radiologist, radiographers and obstetricians involved in the management of such patients.

1 CPD credit

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Duration:50 mins

Speaker info

Dr Elspeth Whitby

Dr Elspeth Whitby is a senior lecturer and Hon. Consultant Radiologist in Sheffield. Her main interest is obstetric MRI imaging and she runs a national service. Her research interests are based around fetal and placental MR imaging. She is keen to support interest in radiology in general and supports the medical school radiology society, teaches on the medical school curriculum, supervises BMed Sci, MD and PhD students as well as serving on the RCR academic committee.