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How "The Control of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) at Work Regulations 2016" will impact on MRI clinical practice and research? 07 Oct 2016

The Control of EMF at Work Regulations 2016 came into force on 1st July (1st August in Northern Ireland). The purpose of the Regulations is to implement the EU Physical Agents (Electromagnetic Fields) Directive 2013 in UK law. The EMF Directive was the subject of a lengthy, and largely successful, campaign by the MRI community to mitigate possible detrimental effects on clinical practice and research. This video will provide an opportunity to understand the requirements of the Regulations, which parts do and do not apply to MRI, and what MRI facilities will need to do to ensure that they comply

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Duration:60 mins

Speaker info

Professor Stephen Keevil

Professor Stephen Keevil is a Consultant Clinical Scientist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Professor of Medical Physics at King’s College London. He has a portfolio of responsibilities across clinical service support, research, teaching and health technology assessment. Professor Keevil has a long standing interest in both scientific and practical aspects of MR safety. In 2003 he became aware of an imminent EU Directive that would introduce extremely limiting mandatory EMF exposure limits for MRI workers. He was heavily involved in negotiations in the UK and the wider EU to mitigate this problem, resulting in repeal of the directive and adoption of a new one in which most of the MRI community’s concerns are addressed. He worked with the Health and Safety Executive as they planned to implement the Directive in UK law and is leading on the development of national guidance on the Regulations in the context of MRI.